Help the Committee Plan Our 50th Reunion!

You can help us by answering the questions below and by adding any comments that will help us plan for our next reunion.

Here are a few of our questions...

  • What events would you like to have for the 50th Reunion? (like picnic, dinner, buffet, dancing, band, etc.)
  • Are there any special events you might want?
  • Should we honor any one: classmates, teachers, friends???
  • What type of place do you wish to rent for the Saturday night event?
  • Are there ways you can assist the committee?

Please fill out the form below and send us your comments. And come back to our web site on a regular basis. The "Submit" button is at the bottom of the page - beyond all the questions.

Here are some ideas and comments that have been suggested so far - in no particular order. Just check all the items that you think are good ideas and we will try to put together the best fun-filled weekend, ever.

Have numerous "events" spread across Fri, Sat, and Sun.
Have pictures from high school displayed or as part of a booklet.
Publish an "autobiographical" type of book of what people have done and are doing now.
Send us an e-mail every now and then to keep us all informed of plans and progress.
The main event should be fancy for example, at Country Club.
Make the picnic a luncheon on Saturday.
Make the picnic an evening activity on Friday.
Saturday dinner should include dancing.
Have a "guided tour" of the High School and see what's changed these many years have brought.
Have a "guided tour" around Webster Groves, remembering old sites and seeing new sites.
Have classmates show us their favorite grandchildren pictures or slides from their favorite vacation.
Have local classmates offer home to out-of-town classmates.
Find a good way of mixing the group up a bit at various events.
Try to get more class members to come.
Keep the current arrangements was a great balance.
Have a gathering place at the Viking which is always available during the days of the reunion.
Have the Reunion on non-weekend days - for example Tue, Wed, Thu.
Did we miss your best idea? Just add any additional ideas you might have.

Several of our former High School Teachers have attend past reunions on a regular basis.

A suggestion has been made to honor these teachers for their loyalty to our class.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Make a selection below.


These teachers include:

  • YvonnLanagan

  • Joan Burgess Heller

  • Mildred Frederiksen

  • Edwin Eggers

  • Earl Quist

  • Ralph litszinge

Do you have any additional comments and names?

Another suggestion made is to include those who attended Webster Groves High School for several years but perhaps moved away for their Senior Year, and thus, they did not graduate with our class. And, perhaps there are classmates who graduated at the mid-year rather than in June.

Should we invite these classmates?

And, if "Yes," we need your help in identifying and finding these people. So give us your comments and ideas on this suggestion as well as any individuals that you would want to be invited if we decide to do this activity.

Give us your thoughts, ideas, and names about including classmates who moved or graduated mid-term.

And how about some general comments. Add any comments, ideas, and suggestions that you think would be helpful as we look forward to 2008 and our WGHS Class of 1958 50th Reunion.

So we can keep track of all the comments and ideas we receive, please complete the following:

First Name
Last Name
Maiden Name - if applicable
e-mail address

Finally press the "Submit" button to send your request.

Thanks for your feedback, comments and ideas.

We will keep everyone updated as we "roll on" towards the Big 50th Reunion and a time to meet old friends and make new friends.

We hope to see you there!!

We like Hearing from Our Classmates!!