Our 55th Reunion!

Restaurant Suggestions

Restaurants not near the Old Webster Jazz Festival. The festival takes place from 11 am to 11 pm on Saturday. The Jazz Festival has many food tents and 2 stages located at Gore at the railroad tracks and Allen Ave near Straubs. While parking is not allowed on Lockwood, all the side streets south of Lockwood are available, as well as the church lots.

In Old Orchard:
Weber's Front Row
Big Sky
The Road House
2 Different Chinese Restaurants
The Grove Deli
The Boardwalk
Einstein Bagels

Watson Rd between Elm and Edgar:
Joe Boccardi's Italian - Toasted Ravioli
Steak n Shake (new building style)

Laclede Sta. Road at Watson:
White Castle - Belly Bomber
Papa John's
Pen Station
A local deli