Wondering Who "The Committee" Is?

Well, its just a group of your classmates...

Our WGHS Class of 1958 activities are managed by a group of our classmates who volunteer their time so we can all have a good time. If you have any suggestions, comments, or recommendations about anything our class is doing please e-mail anyone on the Committee. If you have ideas as to what we might do as a class or as a small group within our class, send on the ideas.

We want to hear from you, E-Mail us your questions and comments!

Name Phone Number e-Mail
Bob Andersohn 1-636-458-5800 racerrwa@msn.com
Glenda Dilling Bentz 1-314-909-8866 bentg@sbcglobal.net
Susan Minteer Bishop 1-314-781-3110 subis@msn.com
John Brackman 1-573-786-2783 jbrackman@fidnet.com
Judy Searcy Brackman 1-573-786-2783 jbrackman@fidnet.com
Harriett Legg Dame 1-386-363-2000 hdame@cfl.rr.com
Susan Donnell 1-314-521-8819 sadamsdonnell@sbcglobal.net
Anne Cleveland Eike 1-314-392-9056 aeike01@yahoo.com
Roger Frederickson 1-314-843-6252 r-frederickson58@sbcglobal.net
Susan Cottam Hayman 1-314-966-4669 lghayman@att.net
Bob Moody 1-314-961-4977 4bobmoody@sbcglobal.net
Bethy Beyer Buchhold 1-636-391-7677 moreyb@.att.net
Steve Rudolph 1-314-963-0051 srudolph@swbell.net
Dianna Weis Willman 1-239-738-6437 diannawillman@gmail.com.com
Bob Yates 1-203-438-2816 bob@bobanddoris.com

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the WGHS Class of 1958 Web Site, send an e-mail to Bob Yates

We like hearing from classmates!